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Slowness: Hopeless but otherwise (Ep, 2011)


La aproximación al Ep de debut de Slowness: Hopeless but otherwise (2011), es paralela a la música que nos vamos a encontrar en el disco: Un tanto lenta y parsimoniosa. Slowness practican un Shoegaze denso, en detalles y en musicalidad, cercano al Drone e incluso al Post-Rock. La influencia de los primeros Ride es evidente en temas como Black & white o Duck &  cover. En la producción del disco han sabido conjugar con eficiencia sus voces, que quedan más o menos limpias y unas murallas de guitarras que en ningún momento consiguen destrozarnos los tímpanos, pero que sí son un estilete que penetra con fuerza en nuestro reproductor (el final de Duck & cover es sencillamente espectacular). Para ser un disco de debut, su sonido está bastante madurado, sus loops son  espectaculares, y no hay ninguno de los cuatro temas que desmerezca, llegando a antojársenos un disco demasiado corto, pese a sus veinticuatros minutos de duración. A ello contribuye eficazmente el largo desarrollo de Little king, el corte que cierra el disco de este más que prometedor trío de San Francisco.


“The new EP from San Francisco’s Slowness, Hopeless but Otherwise, is an intense trip beyond polar cer­tainty and into a maze of melan­choly. Truth is bet­ter in color, as the open­ing track “Black & White” declares, but it’s also messier that way: The band uses beau­ti­ful shoegaze gui­tar tex­tures laid over omi­nous bass marches and dri­ving drums to take the lis­tener down some sub­con­sious back alleys we all usu­ally avoid.
While the sonic scenery may be dark, the band never leaves the listener’s side, guid­ing the way with points of cathar­sis to reveal the beauty in dis­com­fort. Lyrically, Slowness walk the line between the polit­i­cal and per­sonal, with the words equally fit­ting to a rela­tion­ship as they would be to a protest; anger mix­ing with sober reflec­tion. They call for reshap­ing insti­tu­tions and decry “evil schem­ing lies,” but then rec­om­mend a “reck­on­ing and levity.”
Not that you can really hear the words. The ethe­real, male/female har­monies by bassist Julie Lynn and gui­tarist Geoffrey Scott are more an addi­tional tex­ture than mouth­piece. (Erik Gross plays drums on the record but the band has since found a new drum­mer, Scott Putnam.)
The over­all impres­sion of this com­plex EP is that the band is just begin­ning. In some ways they’ve barely started on what promises to be an epic jour­ney into drones unknown. I highly rec­om­mend spend­ing some qual­ity time with the songs and check­ing Slowness out next time they play. They are a gleam­ing jewel in San Francisco’s indie tiara” (

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