Me You Us Them/Bloody Knives: Research/I was talking to your ghost (Split Single, 2011)

 Research / I Was Talking To Your Ghost Cover Art

El mes pasado nos llegó un mail de la discográfica Triple Down invitándonos a conocer el single compartido que Me You Us Them y Bloody Knives acaban de editar. Se trata de un esfuerzo conjunto por aunar sonoridades más o menos afines. Los primeros partiendo desde presupuestos Shoegazers y los segundos desde un punto de vista más Electro-Punk. Lo cierto es que el sencillo tiene mucha unidad de contenido en tanto que MYUT como BK han endurecido su sonido hasta límites Proto-Grunge en el caso de los primeros y hasta el Noise en el caso de los segundos. Tanto una banda como otra ya han aparecido en TJB y este single conjunto no iba a ser menos. Personalmente me quedo con el tema de Me You Us Them, pero es sólo cuestión de gustos. Puedes oír el sencillo pinchando aquí, desde donde puedes comprarlo igualmente, si es que la limitadísima edición no se ha agotado ya.

Me You Us Them/Bloody Knives: Research/I was talking to your ghost (Split Single, 2011)

“Who is this band?!? Loving this blissed-out, warped, bendy, post-weirdo music… Highly recommended.”–eMusic
“…no shortage of hauntingly searing guitars, driving bass licks, and beastly drumming.”–XLR8R Magazine
“Me You Us Them meld an intense blend of distorted, off-kilter guitar riffs with searing vocals melodies, rendering them one of the most memorable groups in recent memory.”–Paste Magazine NYC
“This band’s impressive wall of guitars rivals in “My-Bloody-Valentine-ness” that of Asobi Seksu’s first album – I’d recommend any follower of the toe staring sonic cult to check out these guys’ tunes.”–The Deli Magazine
“…the best new band out of NYC… have taken the sound developed in the mid to late 80’s by bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cocteau Twins, and My Bloody Valentine and blended it with 90’s alt-rock and the resurgent sound of dancerock and Britpop to create a fresh new take on a genre that hasn’t had a spotlight shown on it in well over a decade.”–
“The contrast between buttery vocals and squelching, guitar bends seems perfectly engineered to send a shockwave of sonic pleasure through your body, standing all hair at attention.”–AudioCurrent
“New York City continues to churn out a zillion bandsthatpitchforkloves every day. So when we tell you that Me You Us Them is our favorite new band from the NYC, we recognize the magnitude of the compliment.”
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