Mrs.Magician: The Spells (7″, 2011)


Otro grupo que factura esa especie de Pop-Punk que tan de moda está de moda últimamente es Mrs.Magician, combo que también proviene de California, uno de los puntos neurálgicos de este y de otros infinitos movimientos musicales en los Usa. Mrs.Magician facturan un Pop con elementos tanto del Power-Pop como del Pop-Punk. Este The Spells es su último lanzamiento en disco pequeño. Puedes encontrarlo en formato físico desde la página web de su sello, Loud and Clear Records, o descargarlo gratuitamente desde su Bandcamp.

Mrs. Magician – The Spells (7″, 2011)

“Formed in 2010, Mrs. Magician features current members of Drug Wars, Northern Towns, and Boomsnake, as well as former members of Please Mr. Gravedigger and First Wave Hello. Guitarist Tommy Garcia comes from Northern Towns and Please Mr. Gravedigger, while singer/guitarist Jacob Turnbloom is formerly of First Wave Hello.
Their debut two-song seven inch There Is No God was released in October 2010. “I started a record label this year called Thrill Me! Records, and this is the first release on it,” says Turnbloom. “The cover art is a picture I found of a flood survivor from the 1930s. Like our name, the picture is odd and ambiguous, and I like simple images as opposed to something crazy that’s hard to focus on.”
“So far, Mrs. Magician has only played a handful of shows, since we are a fairly new band. We have all been touring in different bands for years. I can only speak for myself, but I remember playing on a cruise ship one time in First Wave Hello, that was pretty horrible. I’ve played the Double Door in chicago twice, it was incredible both times. The Casbah show with Ken Andrews in 2007 was the most fun I’ve ever had playing a show. I also played a show in Sacramento when I was touring in Blessure Grave, and that was pretty insane, with people running into the drums and everyone was falling over in this tiny punk venue. Pretty fun!”
Their debut full-length Pity Party Animal was released in late 2010″ (

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