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Evenings: Beta thouhgt (Single, 2011)


Evenings el proyecto de Nathan Broaddus: Electro-Pop con ambientes Dream-Pop y Chillwave. Una música que no acostumbramos a degustar por TJB pero a la que vamos dando algo de cancha últimamente. La verdad es que este Beta thought suena la mar de bien, la cantidad de matices sonoros es enorme, y su música es altamente relajante. Puedes descargar el tema pinchando en el enlace, ya que Evenings lo regala, al igual que su anterior Ep, titulado North Dom, que puedes encontrar en su Bandcamp.

Evenings – Beta thought (Single, 2011)

“Evenings (a.k.a. Nathan Broaddus) released one of the best EPs of 2010 – his North Dorm EP – which is quite a feat considering 2010 was essentially the year of the EP.  For my part, I still play North Dorm about once a week, and each time I listen to it I’m floored by how good it is.  It is no exaggeration to say that there is absolutely no one making better, more emotional or more thoughtful electro-pop. Broaddus has an uncanny knack for creating evocative melodies using beautifully textured tones and clever, interesting rhythms that warmly envelope the listener.  And personally, I haven’t felt this engaged by electronica since Four Tet’s Rounds.   So in the mind of this music critic, North Dorm EP is that good.  So you probably can imagine how excited I am to be able to present a Turntable Kitchen exclusive premier of Evenings’ latest cut “Beta Thought” (

MySpace / Descarga legal gratuita-Free legal download / Escuchar-Oír: Beta thought

4 febrero, 2011 - Posted by | Evenings

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