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Looking for Jenny: Random Walk (Ep, 2010)


Haciéndome eco de la reseña que aparece en Cactus-Mouth, si hay algo que caracteriza al sello brasileño Transfusâo Noise Records es precisamente éso: Noise, ruido a toda pastilla, sin temor a subir los volúmenes hasta decir basta. Looking for Jenny son el último disco editado por el Netlabel brasilero, y, como no podía ser menos, tienen al ruido como protagonista principal. Noise-Pop grabado a baja intensidad y en estudios caseros. Los temas grabados con pocos medios no son inconveniente para ser degustados por TJB, antes bien, alabamos la iniciativa de músicos como Thiago Werlang, líder de Looking for Jenny, quienes con escasos medios y una voluntad inquebrantable, graban sus temas para presentarlos al mundo, aprovechándose de la inmensa plataforma que hoy en día representa internet y todos los medios de difusión a su alcance. Por lo demás, rendición sonora a Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. o Eric´s Trip, temas intensos y ruido, mucho ruido…

Looking for Jenny – Random Walk (Ep, 2010)

“Looking For Jenny and Lê Almeida share not only a label but also a love for the 80s underground scene that led to early 90s alt-rockers, but where Lê Almeida’s songs lean toward the tighter, power chord-driven melodies of bands like Nirvana and The Breeders, Looking For Jenny’s songs are looser and more influenced by the likes of early Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh. This influence is evident both in guitarist/vocalist Thiago Werlang’s mix of heavy rhythms and melodic solos as well as the recording quality, which, though the lack of tape hiss suggests a digital recording, sounds a bit like the band set up shop in a cramped storage space, close-mic’d everything and went straight to tape on an old four-track, pushing the levels into the red–and I mean that in the best way possible” (

“If there is one thing that I have come to associate with Brazilian label Transfusão Noise Records, it is just that: noise. Now this is not a bad thing, not at all. I happen to love noise and fuzz and reverb. I won’t go into the reasons why my brain loves all things lo-fi, just know that it does.
So when I’m craving some scuzz, Transfusão is one of the first places I look. I’ve discovered some amazing noisy Brazilian bands there, such as: Babe Florida, The John Candy, and Carpete Florido. Well, this week one such artist spared me the research by sending me his band’s EP. They are called Looking for Jenny and they really know where to put the fuzz. If you’re looking for some good noise pop to make your eardrums tingle, then look no further. You can download the nine-track EP for free on the label’s site” (

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Oír-Hear: I´ll let you fall

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    Me gusta

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