Me You Us Them: Post-Data (2010)


En TJB continuamos dándole vueltas al año pasado en tanto que nos dejamos varios discos atrasados que no nos dio tiempo a oír -sabéis que tenemos otras obligaciones, profesionales, mayormente-, y en tanto que la calidad de muchos de ellos nos obligan a darles al menos alguna referencia en el blog. Me You Us Them es una de esas bandas de las que empecé a oír hablar de ellas más o menos a partir de la primavera, y hasta ahora no he tenido la oportunidad de escucharles en profundidad. La verdad es que Post-Data, su álbum de debut, comienza como un tiro: Any time y Re-entry son dos temazos de los mejores que se han facturado en el género durante el año; es decir Shoegaze de guitarras distorsionadas a volúmenes casi perjudiciales para el oído, ritmos enérgicos y energía desbordada. El trío formado por Ryan Reesey, James Jano, e Ian Ljungquist estrujan al máximo su sonido de guitarras, bajo, batería y sintetizadores. Las sensaciones son inmejorables, pero a partir de aquí… Post-Data peca de una cierta autocomplacencia y giros sobre sí mismos, con propuestas sonoras un tanto reiterativas y émulas de bandas pioneras del género. Se nos presentan planteamientos cercanos al Grunge (Pretty nettles, Big time, As of now), al Shoegaze (Wish you luck, Me you us them, iQuit), al Post-Rock (Drugs). De forma intensa y evidentemente bien ejecutada, los temas de Post-Data van fluyendo en el reproductor pero podríamos esperar un poco más de alma en las composiciones y echamos en falta algo más de un espíritu de los que por momentos el disco adolece.

Me You Us Them – Post-Data (2010)

“Describing all that is wonderful about Brooklyn band Me You Us Them takes a hell of a lot more adjectives than is appropriate to squeeze into one sentence. For starters there is the fact that their full-length, Post-Data impressed us even before we put in our CD player. A clever take on the simplicity of a CD sleeve, Post-Data is cut and folded to look like a grey 5.25 floppy disk, with its jacket peeking out of the hub ring and head slot to provide a splash of pixilated color. Slip that jacket out and find that the pixels are actually some kind of digital vomit or perhaps a visualization of sound pouring out of a red and vicious looking dog’s mouth as he sits in front of a background of buttery colored paisley. Its on the border of being gratuitously off kilter in that nauseatingly hipster-ish sense, but at the same time, just holding this album in our hands made us feel cool.

Guitar, drums, bass and synth make up Post-Data’s sound; all executed by three-piece Ryan Reesey, James Jano, and Ian Ljungquist. Defining exactly what is heard in Post-Data is seriously difficult, because this is not an acid rock band and yet, Me You Us Them’s sound is decidedly trippy. They aren’t an electro band, but the synth parts play a pivotal role in creating this records ambience. Its not grunge, but the guitars are fuzzy, searing and distorted, the bass whips across each track, and the drums are charged with a thunderous aggression. Can you see our predicament in trying to explain this to you?

Favorite tracks from Post-Date include “As of Now” for its surge from hooky melody and rounded vocal tones to cymbal crash accompanied screams and an eerie buzz on Reesey’s guitar that sounds as if the band just stumbled into a hornets nest. “Wish You Luck” uses a wonderfully subtle distortion on its guitar that makes it warble like a warped record someone left out in the sun, but somehow sounds lovely because it is accompanied by a pretty tinkling of synth and echoey bass lines. Me You Us Them is a band that has perfect the give and take, like a skilled cook that knows to blend a little brown sugar with their chili to bring balance to those habanero peppers. Post-Data is trippy, shoe-gazing, space rock with a tinge of aggression behind its muted melancholy and we simply cannot thank Me You Us Them enough for pushing their limits to create a piece of indie rock that feels anything but generic” (

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