Beaches: In a While (Single, 2010)

Continuamos con la sana costumbre de regalar singles casi a diario en TJB. En esta ocasión nos vamos a detener con un grupo australiano formado exclusivamente por chicas. Uno de esos sencillos ante los que no te puedes resistir porque el sonido es auténticamente tremendo: el comienzo del tema es espectacular, con uno de esos hooks de guitarras que se van repitiendo a lo largo del mismo y que no te puedes quitar de la cabeza. La fórmula la crearon los grupos de garaje de los sesenta y la perfeccionaron gentes como Mudhoney y Sonic Youth en los ´90, pero el resultado no puede ser más espectacular: distorsión y Noise a mil. In a while es un temazo. Y además es gratis.

Beaches – In a while (Single, 2010)

“I can throw names around for the sake of laziness; Sonic Youth (you’ll recognize the traces of SY’s “Dirty Boots” on the a-side), MBV, Throwing Muses, The Breeders, amped-out shoegaze, sirenian(not the animal) psychedelia, maritime garage rock on acid… and they sound better than the sum of those mere words. But before all, you may have noticed a conspicuous thing about Beaches – again, the name, which is Beaches. And ironically, that could be ignorable in a sense; It’s understandable if you’re irked by yet another Beach-esque band, moreover the most blatant one in this case. Don’t be, though. It won’t hurt you an inch to put your pet peeve to bed once for all. Their soundscape is near the size of the mother ocean, compared to those of many others that simply trace out her vignettes. They trade in vertiginous wild ass guitar licks by wholesale – the true believers in the guitarheroine-ism! As a unity, they’re adept and energetic enough to fill in a stadium. It wouldn’t be strange to see them on the same bill with Comets on Fire and White Hills. I go out on a limb even to say this 7″ reminded me of Happy Trails -era Quicksilver Messenger Service to some extent. I’ll leave you to judge for yourself. But I guess you’re already affected by my pitch” (

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