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The Russian Futurists: Hoeing weeds sowing seeds (Single, 2010)

El último disco de The Russian Futurists acaba de ser editado, se titula The Weight´s on the wheels, y el primer single que se ha extraído para su promoción es este Hoeing weeds sowing seeds; un animoso tema de Electro-Pop que puede exaltar cualquier ánimo, incluso los de quien escribe The JangleBox, no muy dados a la electrónica, pero una pequeña dosis de vez en cuando, y máxime cuando tiene esta carga de energía positiva, nunca viene mal… Puedes descargarte el single pinchando, como siempre, en el enlace.

The Russian Futurists: Hoeing weeds sowing seeds (Single, 2010)

“Born and bred in the cold and lonely Ontario, border-town of Cornwall, and raised on hockey [“loving the Leafs is like being in love with a terrible woman”] Matt found comfort in the simplicity of AM Radio. “There are (The Russian Futurists) songs that were produced to sound like they belonged there. I used to sit up at night and drink a bottle of red wine and listen to AM to get inspired. My roommates used to think I was kind of a weirdo when they would walk into my room at 2 am and find me drunk listening to ‘Buttons & Bows’. I would like to end up on AM when I’m old and grey.”
Surprisingly, Hart’s roots as a producer and arranger lie not in Pop. “I was a compulsive Hip Hop producer from age 13 to 19,” he admits, “and would finish a completed Hip Hop track, from start to finish, every day after school” This interest is still evident in the Russian Futurists’ electronic rhythms, but a passion for the Pop music of his childhood (Abbey Road was a prominent obsession) is the heart of The Russian Futurists. “When I eventually began to try to make music other than beats it wasn’t my intention to make Pop. It just came out. I felt I was being stifled by Hip Hop and wanted to experiment with melody.”
Hart constructs his songs under the ongoing influence of Phil Spector, Brian Wilson “He showed me that Pop was able to be listenable and experimental at the same time”, Fleetwood Mac “They taught me how to be dramatic, plus I just love their music” Honesty shines through in all of The Russian Futurists’ songs – all the more remarkable for them having been conceived in Matthew Hart’s bedroom. Hart cheekily describes his sound as a result of “trying to make all of my songs huge, ambitious productions on very limiting and awful equipment” (

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Oír / Hear – Hoeing weeds sowing seeds (RCRD LBL RADIO.)

24 noviembre, 2010 - Posted by | The Russian Futurists

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