Rec Centre: Long Weekend (2010)


Long Wekend es otro de esos discos de lo que podríamos llamar Bedroom-Pop. Ese fenómeno, absolutamente extendido en los últimos tiempos, de grabar tu disco en el salón de casa como sala de grabación de las guitarras y el baño para las voces (no es coña, en el baño suenan mejor las voces, haced la prueba!!), ha conducido a un auge inusitado de este tipo de grabaciones. Asimismo, la difusión de portales volcados en la edición musical como Bandcamp han hecho que músicos como el canandiense Colin … (no aparece su apellido por ninguna parte) se liberen a la hora de registrar discos como el que nos ocupa, con estupendos temas y una instrumentación que poco tiene que envidiar a ciertos discos o maquetas. La cuestión es que Long Weekend es un Ep de seis canciones en los que la variedad predomina: desde los números más veraniegos como Begin the benign, Where is our summer o Funner (auténticos caramelos agridulces) a temas más clásicamente Indies como Sleeper, probablemente la mejor de la colección, un trallazo de Indie-Pop con dejes de Teenage Fanclub; a las sonoridades más Velvetianas de Sainted. Sí señor, otro gran disco para este curso de 2010 que toca a su fin en breve y que nos ha ido dejando pequeñas píldoras del mejor Pop de guitarras como este Long Weekend. Seguiremos atentos a Rec Centre. Por cierto, el disco lo puedes descargar gratuitamente desde su Bandcamp.

Rec Centre – Long Weekend (2010)

“Ironically, for Rec Centre – a basement project from an unknown Vancouver artist – the number of alienating hours spent recording in his bedroom (that probably forced him to ignore the sunshine and prevented contact with the outside world for that matter) translate into a summer record that makes you salivate thinking about beach bbqs and patio beers with your closest friends.
Surprise summer soundtracks are nothing new for Vancouver musicians. Last year, the interesting juxtaposition between growing up to face real fears and a heartfelt nostalgia for the days of summer when all that mattered was french kissing some french girls pushed Japandroids to the top of the charts and locked in at every summer party. While Rec Centre takes a more leveled approach – creating sunshine kissed tracks of a man still consumed by the day to day of an endless summer but realizing things are going to change – the end result might be the same. The optimism – when you can stay up late and really, hit the beach and do whatever you want to – he channels with harmonies, programed beats and relaxing flow goes toe to toe with a sadness, battle the slacker melodies (Begin the Benign), the sadness that tries to derail our most carefree days and even a touch of much needed Velvets grit.
Unlike so many beachy-bedroom outfits out there today, Rec Centre doesn’t try to hide his pop hooks behind overused fuzz or sound effects. Emotions are never muddled or lost under low grade production or the all too common waves of distortion. Pacific Ocean, Don’t Die on Me! is a catchy track built from a much more traditional soft, gradual build and Funner would rather bounce around with a carefree smile than bother trying to deliver a nonchalant, better-than-you dismissal.
What really helps Rec Centre stand out though is the simple realization that even the best summers have to end; not simply for the calendar year but knowing that each drunken night or beach filled day pushes real world responsibilities that much closer. As he stomps the kick drum and adds a heavier guitar lick to the album closer, Where Is Our Summer?, you can feel the chill in the air – not only from his mention of sweaters and penguins, but in the music as well. Look, I know no one wants to hear that kind of reality in a “summer” record, but understanding that flings end and tomorrow is just another day at work wondering if the hangover was worth it, helps us realize the precious freedom Rec Centre offers in this 20-minute EP is something to enjoy and grab hold off, even as the last grains of sand slip through our fingers” (

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