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Kelley Stoltz: I remember you were wild (Single, 2010)

A nuestra bandeja de entrada no dejan de entrar singles vía RCRDLBL que normalmente solemos añadir a los posts diarios. En muchas ocasiones son remezclas y temas que no tienen demasiado calibre, pero en otras, como las que nos ocupan hoy sí que lo tienen. Kelley Stoltz es uno de esos currantes “anónimos” del mundo de la música que no tienen demasiado reconocimiento, pero que facturan una suerte de Power-Pop arrebatador de esos de estribillo fácil y digestión segura. Este I remember you were wild es un buen ejemplo. Sencillo rotundo y fresco, digno del mejor Brendan Benson, Costello o McCartney (bueno, ésas son palabras mayores). Puedes descargar el tema pinchando el enlace.

Kelley Stoltz – I remember you were wild (Single, 2010)

“While Kelley Stoltz’s nigh-religious reverence for all things Beatles, Beach Boys and Kinks has been at the fore on recent albums Below the Branches and Circular Sounds, his new album, To Dreamers, blends a bit more post-punk abandon into its layered everyman pop. Tasteful horn adornments blow against tom-tom beats and 12-string guitars meet reverbed mellotrons, under Stoltz’s warm vocals.
The album begins with “Rock & Roll with Me,” a big beat electric invitation that fades into the melodic stirrings of “Pinecone,” a gently moving Pacific breeze. Later, the deceptively ethereal pluck of “Ventriloquist” is coupled with heavy lyrics, “Seems like there’s no one at all who’s speaking for me.” The motorik élan of “Keeping the Flame” and the electric whirring of “Little Girl” offer new moods, and it’s clear that To Dreamers has maintained the kaleidoscopic core of sounds heard on Kelley’s previous records, while making inroads into new sonic terrains.
As on prior albums, Kelley plays most of the instruments heard on To Dreamers himself, though two of the songs here were recorded by Kelley and his band live in the studio. One of these is a cover version of the ’60s nugget “Baby I Got News for You,” by “Big Boy” Pete Miller, who performs on the recording, dusting off the very valve amps and guitar used on the 1965 original, to add vocals and fuzz.
Kelley, now a veritable godfather to the burgeoning San Francisco under/over-ground (folks like Thee Oh Sees, Sonny & the Sunsets, The Fresh & Onlys), has blazed a path since the late ’90s as a home-recording guru and multi-instrumentalist.
No slouch on the live front, he was asked to open the Raconteurs first US tour in 2006, toured the USA and Europe with the Dirtbombs in 2008, and through a twist of volcano ash-cloud karma, was the support act to childhood heroes Echo and the Bunnymen, in 2010. His songs have been used for international ad campaigns for Volvo and Marriott Hotels, as well as in television and movies.
I would wager that the entire reason behind music itself is to dream. From the young kid strumming a tennis racket along with the Ramones, to the box seats at the opera, the goal is the same. What music does and should do is allow us to lose ourselves and be transported, to find the mystical land where milk and honey meets Xanadu. See where you go with this new Kelley Stoltz record—an album of tunes oddly familiar and yet surprising, like a dream itself” (

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Oír/Hear – I remember, you were wild

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Cloud Nothings: Hey Cool Kid (Single, 2010)

Cloud Nothings es una de esas bandas que tanto nos gustan en The JangleBox. No sólo por su valor musical -que lo tienen-, sino porque es uno de esos proyectos unipersonales paridos en el garaje del domicilio del responsable musical del grupo, en este caso Dylan Baldi, un chico de dieciocho años que, ordenador, guitarra y micrófono en mano se ha marcado un disco que es altamente recomendable, por lo intenso de sus melodías y sus ritmos. Guitarras jangle, tonos Post-Grunge… Grabado con poquitos medios, este Hey cool kid, es buen ejemplo de su música. Lo podéis encontrar, como siempre, pinchando en el enlace, gentileza de RCRDLBL, para su descarga legal.

Cloud Nothings – Hey Cool Kid (Single, 2010)

“Cloud Nothings is the brainchild of 18 year old Cleveland resident Dylan Baldi.  Late in 2009, he started recording a bunch of catchy indie rock songs on his computer in the basement of his parent’s house. Dylan wasn’t so concerned with them being lo-fi.  But since he only had his simple computer and a crappy microphone that’s the way they turned out.  Almost immediately praise was bestowed upon young Dylan, and as new songs were unleashed, the online excitement only grew.
Dylan needed to take his songs on the road, so he formed a band with TJ Duke on bass, Jayson Gerycz on drums, and Joe Boyer on guitar.  Their first show was in New York last December opening for Real Estate and Woods.  Since then the band has played SXSW, toured with Wavves, and played shows with such bands as Titus Andronicus, Parts & Labor, Best Coast, and Kurt Vile. Their live shows have become super tight, displaying an intensity and precision rarely seen in bands of any age.
2010 has been very busy for Cloud Nothings.  First there was the Turning On EP, then a seven inch single on Group Tightener and then another one on Old Flame. In August, True Panther released a Cloud Nothings single as well, and there is a super rare split cassette release on Bathetic.  This fall, Carpark compiles the Turning On EP, the Group Tightener single, and two songs from the split cassette for a handy introductory compilation called simply “Turning On”. 
Cloud Nothings are recording their first full length this summer in Baltimore with Chester Gwazda who has also recorded albums for folks like Dan Deacon and Future Islands.  The album is planned for a winter 2011 release.  It probably won’t be as lo-fi as his past stuff” (

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