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The Soft Pack: Gagdad (2010)

Otro regalito más para este fin de semana. The Soft Pack, una de las bandas revelación de este 2010, acaban de editar un tema que no aparece en su aclamado álbum homónimo de debut. Se trata de Gagdad, un extenso tema en el que la banda de Lo-Fi-Surf abre un poco sus miras y nos sorprenden con un Pop algo más oscuro y ruidoso, aunque su devoción hacia gentes como Pavement o The Fall sigue estando presente. Puedes encontrar el tema pinchando en el enlace de abajo, en descarga legal gratuita.

The Soft Pack – Gagdad (2010)

“For a band whose lineup has only really been cemented this year, The Soft Pack formley known as The Muslims have already accomplished a breathtaking amount.
From San Diego but now based in Los Angels CA, the 20-something quartet, which features Matt Lamkin on vocals, co-founder Matty McLoughlin on guitar, David Lantzman on bass and Brian Hill on drums, create a fresh, razor-sharp, no-frills sound. Their fiercely infectious, stripped-down songs blew the roof off this year’s CMJ festival where they played 11 shows to increasingly packed-out crowds. Their live shows are sweaty affairs, with a pulse raising rock n roll swagger that the New York Press succinctly described as “no bullshit”.
The Soft Pack cut their teeth on the live circuit earlier this year, with highly charged shows in Southern California and trips to the East Coast with The Walkman, The Howlies and The Vivian Girls. Their untitled self-released debut 12-inch EP was pressed up with one-of-a-kind artwork shot with bullet holes by a father of a friend, a former NYPD. It sold out immediately and is currently being re-pressed with brand new tracks.
A sign that The Soft Pack are on a steadfast roll to greater things, The Breeders, The Last Shadow Puppets & Franz Ferdinand all tapped the band for main support slots, no doubt wowed by classics-in-waiting like “Nightlife”, “Extinction” and “Parasites”

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1 octubre, 2010 - Posted by | The Soft Pack

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