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The Paraffins: Snout to the Grindstone (2010)


Tengo que reconocer que cuando nos encontramos con material que se aleja algo de los cánones tradicionales del Pop nos descolocamos algo. A ello contribuye nuestra formación más bien tirando a clásica, aunque bien encaminada, que nos hace mostrarnos algo más reacios ante la música digamos, más arriesgada. Una propuesta atrevida es la que nos propone Billy Paraffin, músico inquieto escocés que firma bajo el pseudónimo de The Paraffins y que ha colaborado con músicos de The Just Joans 0 Second Hand Marching Band. Graba para el sello Ear Spook Records y en este mes de septiembre edita este Snout to the Grindstone (2010), un disco que, como decíamos, se aleja algo de los patrones más tradicionales. Porque Billy es una especie de deconstructor musical, un tipo que lo mismo utiliza un teclado Casio que una guitarra acústica, un vibráfono que una percusión africana. Un personaje que lo mismo elabora temas de un Pop saltarín y juguetón (Tripe time, Life´s too beautiful, Something good, Vampire hours) en una onda a lo Devendra Banhart o Ariel Pink, que te realiza temas cuasi melancólicos (Couch crasher, Crestfallen, Biking girl), que te epata con temas con la influencia kitch de The Cramps (Walled city), o con temas inclasificables (People like you, Burnt out boy). Un disco interesante que se sale bastante de la tónica habitual del Pop, un álbum recomendable si quieres empezar a hacer música haciéndote valer tan sólo de tu talento. Lo demás irá llegando poco a poco, y si para ello tienes que utilizar instrumentos “de juguete” puedes tomar el ejemplo de The Paraffins: a Billy Paraffin le sale bien.

The Paraffins – Snout to the Grindstone (2010)

“When you think about the fact that we spend most of our waking hours at work it’s depressing. It’s hard to live your life when your making a “living.” A concept that I believe is at the heart of The Paraffins record “Snout to the Grindstone.” The Paraffins are a band after my own heart with their major punk-rock attitude. So I am going to do as Dorothy Parker once said and “wear my heart on my sleeve like a red wet stain,” while I convince you to buy this Scottish band’s new record. Comparisons comparisons comparisons. Let’s start with comparisons. Musically The Paraffins combine an interesting array of sounds. At certain points of the record I was reminded of The Cramps, other times I was reminded of Relaxed Muscle, but mostly their sound is reminiscent of Magnetic Fields. A combination that may sound a bit odd, but works very well for this band. Vocalist Billy Paraffin has a pleasing deep timbre that is akin to the legendary and naughty Jarvis Cocker. All in all it’s a wonderful record and very good at inspiring you to start a rebellion at work (even if it’s only a tiny one, and only in your head)” (

“The Paraffins are an acoustic/casio powered psychedelic pop ‘band’ some say only exists in the mind of songwriter Billy Paraffin. Influenced by The Cramps, Ariel Pink, Devendra Banhart, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Caribou, Suicide and many more (though probably sounding like none of them), they formed in late 2007 as an alternative to sitting at home moping.
The Paraffins reside in the remote West Scottish outpost of Knockentiber, have so far used their assortment of homemade, knackered and stolen instruments to create 2 singles
and will release their debut scary concept album Snout To The Grindstone on 27th Sept 2010.
In 2009 they also contributed to Filthy Little Angels’
My Filthy Valentine download album and recorded a lo-fi session for Mutant Music (downloadable free from here). The past year has seen The Paraffins take their rusty-stringed racket across Europe, performing their often intense and sinister live show to bemused audiences in Berlin, Bristol, London and Utrecht as well as a highly ill-advised appearance in a toad sanctuary in Amsterdam” (Dossier Prensa)

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22 septiembre, 2010 - Posted by | The Paraffins

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