FPRF: This Is What We Talk About (Single, 2010)

Más regalitos para comenzar la semana. FPRF es una agrupación rusa que factura una Shoegaze con ciertos tintes electrónicos que nada tiene que envidiar a los nuevos sonidos Nu-Gazers que se elaboran por la vieja Europa. Sonidos ambientales, repeticiones, reverbs a todo trapo y atmósferas etéreas adornan el sonido de FPRF, de quienes sólo conozco éste y un single previo, aunque lo cierto es This is what we talk about es una gran canción, que comienza de forma relajada, según cánones Post-Rock pero que se descarga con un aluvión de distorsiones apabullantes. This is where we found it es más ambiental. El single puedes descargarlo gratuitamente desde su Bandcamp.

FPRF – This Is What We Talk About (Single, 2010)

“I love when I find something new that really surprises me. I stumbled on this band FPRF and found out that they have a brand new single up for download. Now, I’ve not heard anything from the band previous to this one single, but let me tell you, I am going to keep an eye on them because they are REALLY GOOD. I was just sitting on my couch listening to these two songs and before I knew it, they had totally sucked me in. The first song, “This Is Where We Found It” is a sparkling ambient number with layers of reverb. It’s a slow burn and it’s truly haunting to listen to it unfold. And then things get AWESOME. The second track is called “This Is What We Talk About” and it is total change of pace from the first track. It starts off with some typical post-rock guitar riffing before launching headfirst into one of the best shoegaze numbers I’ve heard in YEARS. There is so much power in the song and each element is delicately placed. The balance between post-rock and shoegaze is so fragile that the whole thing threatens to collapse before it ends. IT IS JUST A GREAT SONG. Wanna download it now? Head to their sitemyspace, or bandcamp to do so” (indieandy.com)

MySpace / Descarga legal gratuita-Free legal download


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