Various Artists: Show me a word that rhymes with Pavement (2010)

Esta pasada primavera, el sello británico Filthy Little Angels realizó una compilación con motivo del reagrupamiento de Pavement para realizar su gira de conciertos. Para ello reunió a varios artistas que habían versioneado o habían tenido a los californianos como una de sus principales influencias. Como sabéis, en The JangleBox somos devotos de la banda de Stephen Malkmus, y queremos dar cuenta del disco, que no está nada mal. Además su descarga es legal, sólo tenéis que pinchar el enlace en el título del álbum. Éste es el Tracklist:

01 Cats and Cats and Cats – Cut Your Hair
02 Mascot Fight – Carrot Rope
03 The International Karate Plus – Box Elder
04 Vom Vorton – Zurich is Stained
05 Benjamin Shaw – Starlings of the Slipstream
06 Black Heart Generator – Serpentine Pad
07 Postcode – In the Mouth a Desert
08 Ace Bushy Striptease – Secret Knowledge of Backroads
09 Horowitz – I Love Perth
10 Captain Polaroid – Here
11 The Dead Cassettes – Gold Soundz
12 Jack Lewis and the Golden Indies – Stub Your Toe
13 Later – Trigger Cut
14 Rod Jones – Shady Lane
15 Olympic Swimmers – We Dance
16 Billy Ruffian – Stereo
17 Miss Halliwell – Silence Kid

Various Artists: Show me a word that rhyme with Pavement (2010)

“2010 is the year of the Pavement reunion – the announcement alone sent indie-kids scurrying excitedly onto message boards to once again preach the gospel according to Malkmus and co. Whilst the band never troubled the mainstream they remain massively influential to this day, with many of the bright next-big-things citing them as an influence to pick up a guitar or yell into a microphone.
Independent label Filthy Little Angels have drawn together fifteen of these bushy tailed young scamps to each tackle a cover from Pavement’s back catalogue. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, it’s FREE! Yes, 100% free! You can simply download the collection of tracks from their website (link at the end of the review).
An astonishing testament to the source material is that whatever tact the individual artist takes the original’s quality shines through. You could give these tracks to an oom-pah band and they’d still radiate with the same charm on display here.
There isn’t a bad track on here. Each has been marinated in Pavement’s special sauce and infused with every performer’s love of the originals. Mascot Fight play ‘Carrot Rope’ pretty straight and it’s an utter treat. The Dead Cassettes strip ‘Gold Soundz ‘of it’s country twang and re-articulate it as a superb electro tinged stripped down sizzler. But the standout track is Ace Bushy Striptease’s rocked-up version of ‘Secret Knowledge Of Backroads’, it retains the original’s lo-fi heart but takes it running round the block for 1:44 of near perfection.
Even if this was a full priced release it would be an awesome collection of songs. As a freebie it’s astounding. It might re-ignite your passion with Pavement or you might find a favourite new band on it”


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