Best Coast Guest List 2010, Interview by Pitchfork

Ésta es una entrevista que el portal Pitchfork realizó a Best Coast no hace demasiado tiempo. En él cuentan todos esos cotilleos y curiosidades que tanto gustan a cierto sector de la prensa musical. Con todo, es bastante interesante. Además, se acompaña de un documento sonoro en el que Bethany y Bobb muestran sus últimos gustos musicales.

Best Coast – Guest List 2010

Favorite New Songs From the Past Year

Bethany Cosentino: Real Estate: “Beach Comber”. Real Estate is one of my favorite new bands to come out within the last year or so. I also really like Drake: “Up All Night” from [Thank Me Later], featuring Nicki Minaj— two of my favorite people in hip hop right now. Wavves: “King of the Beach” and Happy Birthday: “Girls FM”.

Bobb Bruno: Smith Westerns: “Tonight” and Those Darlins: “Wild One” are probably my two favorites of the last year.

Favorite Older Songs at the Moment

BC: I started listening to E.L.O. a lot on the European tour, and “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” is one of my favorite songs ever. And another is James & Bobby Purify: “I’m Your Puppet”, which is a song that Bobb and I listen to a lot when we’re touring and driving.

BB: Fleetwood Mac: “Sara” from Tusk. I listen to that song probably every day, at least once. Some days more than once [laughs ]. And “You Make Loving Fun” from Rumours. I’ve been really obsessed with those. Favorite New Artist BC: Two of my favorite new bands we’ve actually been lucky enough to play with. No Joy are these two girls from Montreal who are just the most bad-ass slayers on guitar. They’re super awesome, and they just had a 7″ come out on Mexican Summer. And the other band is Dunes, from L.A., who also just had a record come out on Mexican Summer. Dunes are close friends of ours.

BB: I like both those bands a lot. Those Darlins, I don’t know how new they are, but they’re new-ish to me. I’m super into that band.

BC: I knew you were gonna say that [laughs].

BB: They’re gonna come up, probably a few more times [laughs].

My Dream Collaboration

BC: I would really like to collaborate with Drake! I’m obsessed with Drake, I think he’s, like, one of the best artists to come out within the last 10 years. His record is so good, and all his mixtapes are really good too. [Drake] would be awesome, but I’m also obsessed with Stevie Nicks, so I think, ultimately, my number one collaboration would be to do something with Stevie Nicks.

BB: Probably Little Boots. I think her music’s really cool. Or Lindsey Buckingham is probably the ultimate. The other side of Bethany’s dream.

BC: Boys versus girls. [laughs]

Favorite Song of All Time

BC: My favorite song of all time is “Don’t Worry Baby” by the Beach Boys. It’s a pretty generic Beach Boys song, and a pretty generic favorite song to have, but it’s just incredible. When we were in Europe, I listened to it probably 50 times a day ‘cause it would just push me through the anxiety and the homesickness and stuff. I just think that’s the best song ever.

BB: Probably “No Reply” by the Beatles. No matter how I’m feeling, if I put that song on it just feels instantly better. It just kicks in right away, on the first word. So good.

Last Great Concert I Saw

BC: When we were in London, we went to see Teenage Fanclub. They played down the street from us. I was super drunk, so I didn’t really watch them, but I heard them the whole time and it was really awesome. I don’t remember what the venue was called, but it was old-timey looking and really cool.

BB: Wilco at Primavera. Wilco’s my all-time favorite band, so any time I see them is incredible, even though they had a lot of technical difficulties at that show. They could have a show where every song goes wrong, and it would still be my favorite.

BC: I also watched Beach House at Primavera and that was amazing as well. Teen Dream is one of the best records ever. I watched them with Matt Mondanile from Real Estate, and we were standing on this hill with thousands of people everywhere. He and I were looking at each other like, “This is nuts, right?” They sounded amazing, and it was a really cool experience.

Last Great Film I Saw

BC: The last great movie I saw was Toy Story 3 in 3D. We saw it at this theater in L.A. called the El Capitan, which is owned by Disney, so they have all of the big Disney movies playing there. There was a Toy Story-themed carnival that you could go to across the street, and if you had a ticket to the movie, you got to go into the carnival for free. I felt like I was 10 years old again, and I love to feel like I’m a kid. So it was almost as good as Disneyland.

BB: I watched this French movie called Martyrs. Essentially it’s a horror movie, but there are a lot of twists and turns.

Last Great Book I Read

BC: I’m obsessed with Chelsea Handler, I think she’s hilarious, and I read her last book on our last U.S. tour, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. She’s really funny and relatable, and the other one she did, Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, it’s really good, but I think Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is better.

BB: Storms by Carol Ann Harris– that was the Fleetwood Mac book I read on tour. She was Lindsey Buckingham’s girlfriend, and they started dating right before Rumours came out, and then she was with him, I think, past Tusk and onto the next record. If you like Fleetwood Mac, it’s an amazing book because you get to read about all the insane decadence and then everybody’s weird personality things.

BC: Coke stories?

BB: Yeah, a lot of cocaine stories. Stevie Nicks’ dog likes to eat cocaine, that’s one of them. Don’t leave it around her, ‘cause her little poodle will eat it.

Favorite Piece of Musical Equipment

BC: My dad gave me an original Danelectro. It was his guitar, and he gave it to me when I was 16 or 17. He bought me a Strat as a Christmas gift when I was 13, so that was my first guitar, but the Danelectro is the guitar that I wrote most of the Best Coast songs on and the guitar that I used when we first started playing. But I think [the Danelectro] is my favorite piece of musical equipment, because my dad gave it to me and it got to go on a tour and do cool stuff.

BB: The Zoom HD16 recorder is really easy to use and really small, and that’s what we did all the early Best Coast singles on. I still use it to record pretty much everything, or when I’m working on new songs and stuff. Even though it’s digital, the way it’s laid out is really easy. You pretty much don’t have to read the manual, which is good.

Favorite Record Shop

BC: My favorite record store is Rooky Ricardo’s in San Francisco. We went there when we were on a West Coast tour with Vivian Girls, and I had heard everybody telling me, “This would be your favorite record store, you have to go there.” We went there and it was actually closed! The Yours Truly guys were filming us and they knew they owner so he opened it up for us, basically. And it was like my dream. They had every girl group ever, and just every kind of 50s and 60s thing you can imagine. The guy who owns it makes these really awesome comps, where he just picks his favorites from surf to girl group to more a cappella shit, and they’re like 10 bucks each, and you get 30 or 35 songs on a CD ‘cause the songs are all pretty short. So that’s definitely my favorite record store. I want to go there every time we’re in San Francisco.

BB: Aquarius Records, also in San Francisco. I feel like their tastes are totally, exactly in line with mine. They like weird soundtracks, black metal, and then also really cool, weird pop records. Any genre of music that I have an interest in, they always seem to know what’s the best, coolest, newest, or most obscure things– they’re always on top of it.

First Record I Bought For Myself

BC: The first actual thing I remember buying and listening to and having sort of shape the music that I listened to as a young teenager was the first Punk-O-Rama compilation. I grew up in the suburbs, and my friends and I were all sort of quote-unquote “alternative kids”, while everybody else was into surfing and water polo. [laughs] The first Punk-O-Rama had, like, Pennywise and NOFX and Rancid and Total Chaos and a bunch of really funny pop punk bands. And every time they would make a new one, my friends and I would go and we would buy it from this record store called Tempo, which doesn’t exist anymore. Once it got to Punk-O-Rama 5, we sort of grew out of it.

BB: Wow, yours is way cooler than mine.

BC: [laughs] Well, you’re old!

BB: There were records that I had my parents buy for me, but the first one that I actually decided, “I’m going to buy this,” was the “Footloose” single. I was really into pro wrestling, and there was this tag team called “The Fabulous Ones,” and that was their entrance music. In hindsight, not the best choice– they were a tag team with their whole look patterned after Chippendales dancers. But when you’re 11, they’re just cool dudes with beards that are beating people up. Now that I’m older, I look back and it’s like, “Whoa.”

BC: Well, mine is Punk-O-Rama, so I’m not trying to say it’s cool either.

BB: Well, being into punk rock is a lot better than an 11 year old who’s into sweaty Chippendales dancers.

Favorite City to Play In

BC: I love playing in Toronto. We have played in Toronto a couple of times, and I always have a lot of fun. I love playing in Toronto, and I love playing in L.A. ‘cause it’s home and, you know, it’s always good vibes when we play here.

BB: Toronto and L.A. are also my favorites. We played in Toronto three times a couple weekends ago, and every show was really fun and different and–

BC: –sweaty.

BB: Yeah, really sweaty. But the people in that city who come to our shows are super awesome and really nice to us.

Favorite Venue

BC: I think my favorite venue is this place in L.A. called Echo Curio. It’s a small DIY sort of art gallery space, and we’ve played a bunch of shows there.

BB: Our first show!

BC: Yeah, we played our first show there. I always like going to shows there. They don’t have a professional sound guy or sound system, so it’s not always the greatest sound, but it’s always really fun to hang out there and drink beer on the street with your friends. They always have really awesome bands play there, too. There’s also a place in Toronto that we’ve played twice now called the Garrison. It’s becoming one of my favorite venues. The people that work there are really cool, and we have good memories of that place. Bobb got his hair braided there once.

BB: The Garrison is awesome. I really like Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. It’s a really beautiful venue, and the people who work there are really nice. The sound is really good, too. And then, at home, I still really like the Smell. The L.A. music scene wouldn’t be at all what it is without that place.

BC: I agree with that.

Best Thing You’ve Bought in the Past Year

BC: I recently bought an oil painting of Kramer– from “Seinfeld”– for my house. I got it on eBay. It looks like Al Pacino and Kramer combined, and that’s why I bought it, because it was so bad looking that I was like, “I have to get this.” I really need to get a frame for it and hang it behind my couch.

BB: The Danelectro baritone guitar that I bought this year. I just bought it as a cheap replacement but actually, it’s probably the best baritone that I own. And I own, I don’t know, like five of ‘em. It’s just really light and easy to play. I also bought a spring reverb called “The Moisturizer”, which is made by this guy in Baltimore. It’s really cool ‘cause the springs are on top of it, so you can fuck with ‘em with your hand and do all kinds of weird shit. But as a regular reverb it sounds amazing.

BC: What about your Jäger backpack?

BB: That is pretty good too. I just look like the biggest bro everywhere. In every airport that we go to, to bring a Jäger backpack.

BC: It’s black and orange and has the Jäger logo on it! And it’s like, a mini-backpack. It’s amazing.

BB: It’s funny because it’s essentially a kid-sized backpack [laughs].

Best Thing You’ve Done At All This Year

BC: Primavera Sound 2010. Primavera was one of the craziest, coolest moments that I’ve ever experienced. I was super nervous before we played, and then while we were playing I kind of had that moment where I realized, “Wow. This is actually happening,” y’know? Being able to go to Europe at all was awesome. I never thought I’d go to Europe, and Barcelona is a beautiful place. I had so much fun at Primavera. It was the moment that I realized, “Okay, this is real. I’m actually in a band. This is my job now.”

BB: Making our record was definitely the best thing. We had to do it really fast, and at the beginning it seemed like, “Are we even gonna be able to do this?” We put our heads down and just worked super hard to get it done in the shortest amount of time possible. And we actually pulled it off, and it came out great, and I’m really proud of it.

My Dream Merch Table

BC: Best Coast bongs. No question. That’s what we’re selling [laughs]. A bong shaped like a cat.

BB: I want stuffed animals of Snacks [the cat on the album cover] that people can buy.

BC: Yeah. We can do that. We can do both [laughs].

Strangest Display of Affection from a Fan

BC: Oh my god, where do we start? I think the craziest thing was in Chicago. This kid made fan art– wasn’t really as strange as it was hilarious because the picture that he drew of Bobb looked identical to Bobb. Like, it was a portrait of Bobb, basically. And then the one he drew of me was just a printed out photo of my cat with my name written on it.

But I think the weirdest thing was when we played a show in Stockholm, Sweden, and there was this really drunk guy in the front row that threw a glass of whiskey at me and then came into our backstage and tried to punch us all in the face. Bobb and Keith [Abrahamsson], the guy who runs our label, and [drummer] Ali [Koehler] were all pushing him out of the room, and he wouldn’t leave. And then he was like, “I just wanted to tell you how much I love your band!” And we were like, “Oh, you wanted to punch us in the face while telling us that?” So that guy sucked, and that situation was really bizarre.

BB: That one was definitely the weirdest. At one of our L.A. shows, I traded merch for weed cupcakes. I don’t smoke weed, but Bethany was very into that. I did try some of the frosting.

BC: I ate the shit out of that cupcake.

BB: Before they gave it to us, they added extra frosting, which had even more weed in it. It was just dripping with frosting by the time I took it backstage.

Favorite TV Show

BC: My favorite TV show of all time is “Seinfeld”. But I’ve been watching a lot of “The X-Files” lately, particularly the first and second seasons. I have to watch it during the day ‘cause I get too freaked out to watch it at night. But I think David Duchovny is the hottest guy ever, and that show is really crazy and awesome.

BB: My current favorites right now are “Top Chef”, even though everybody is kind of despicable this season. But I love Tom Colicchio– he’s a hero of mine. I’ll watch that show no matter what. And “True Blood” I’m also really into. This past week’s episode had probably the most insane sex scene I’ve ever seen in my life.

Favorite Video Game

BC: My favorite video game is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for Nintendo 64. I used to stay up all night playing that game, when I was in junior high. Not to mention it had the best soundtrack ever– Pennywise and Lagwagon and a bunch of weird pop punk bands that I was into. I love Ms. Pac-Man, arcade style, and I’m also really into Skate 2 for Xbox. I am not really good at modern video games, but that’s one game that I am actually pretty good at.

BB: I play Rock Band a lot with my friends. We’ll do marathons. I think our record is 45-song sets, which is like going to a concert.

Favorite Radio Show

BC: There’s a radio station in L.A. called KDAY 93.5, and it’s the old-school hip-hop station. They play a lot of really awesome 90s West Coast hip-hop stuff. And K-EARTH 101, which is the Oldies station, does this thing on Saturday mornings called “Breakfast With the Beatles”, and they play all these rare Beatles songs and interviews.

BB: I’m gonna come off as the biggest loser in this interview, but my favorite radio show is called “Wrestling Observer Live”. It’s on the Internet. They do it a couple of times a week, but they just recap what happened in professional wrestling that week. And also Mixed Martial Arts.

My Ringtone

BC: The ringtone on my phone is just the standard iPhone ringtone, but I never have my phone volume on. I kinda wanna just make my own ringtone and make it a Beyoncé song or something. Maybe I’ll look into that.

BB: Mine is usually vibrate, but I’m gonna make one that’s the “Good day, sir!” from Willy Wonka. That’s gonna be my new ringtone, just Gene Wilder saying, “Good day, sir!”


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