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Black Mountain: The hair song (Single, 2010)

Black Mountain es una de esas bandas que sin hacer demasiado ruido han conseguido labrarse una carrera de lo más digna. Van ya por su tercer álbum de estudio, este Wilderness Heart (2010), un disco preñado de esa manera desenfadada de hacer las cosas, un Pop elegante y sutil, en el que no obstante, encontramos frases de guitarra con cierta rabia. Ellos mencionan a Alex Chilton, King Crimson o Janis Joplin entre sus influencias. Un sonido de lo más clásico y paradojicamente, actual. Este single, The Hair Song, lo puedes descargar gratuitamente de forma legal para ir haciendo boca, ya que su disco aparece en Septiembre (bueno sí, en internet ya lleva filtrado algún tiempo).

Black Mountain – The Hair Song (Single, 2010)

“The new record is packed with succinct rock songs that pulse and pound with startling precision: it pummels you, you ask for more. Wilderness Heart is arguably Black Mountain’s tightest, most concentrated outing, but there’s still plenty of raw rock energy at work. “It’s our most metal and most folk oriented record so far,” McBean says. “I’m not gonna say it’s our best record or the album that we always dreamt of making ‘cause that’s what everyone says. It’s all about where we were at the time the machines were rolling. You can’t control the electricity or how your limbs were moving that day. You have to erase the visions and just go along for the ride.”
“It’s a Black Mountain pop record, which is to say it’s nothing like pop at all,” Wells says. “This was the fastest record we’ve ever made. We’re used to spending a lot of time deliberating over the songs and spacing out recording sessions over years. Start to finish, this album was made in four months, which is something like a miracle for us. We’ve never worked with producers before and that was a challenge; for us to let go and let two outsiders into the process, D. Sardy and Randall Dunn – it took some growing for us to be truly open, but this album is all the better for it.”
The band cites a slew of disparate influences – New Order, King Crimson, Studio 54, Alex Chilton, sunshine, Janis Joplin, Please Kill Me, Shirley Collins, Mickey Newbury, jalapeno salsa, Night of The Hunter, Cactus Taqueria, Funky16Corners podcasts, Dennis Wilson, the house blowing up in the desert at the end of Zabriskie Point – but, as Schmidt points out, “Who knows how these things connect with the holistic mix of often dissonant forces that become Black Mountain?”

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Bloody Knives: Burn it all down (2010)


Aunque Bloody Knives lleve poco tiempo establecida como banda, sus dos componentes llevan a sus espaldas un amplio bagaje musical, que les ha llevado a aunar esfuerzos y conjuntar este dúo de Electro-Punk que mezcla diversas influencias, que podrían ir desde el Shoegaze hasta el Metal menos desgarrador, el Gótico, el Post-Punk y ciertas sonoridades de los años ochenta. Su música es algo así como la unión acelerada del Shoegaze con el Pop más alambicado y amanerado de la década de los grupos con el pelo cardado, con toda su carga de sintetizadores. Nos deja un cierto regustillo amargo, porque su pose es demasiado afectada, y su sonido roza la épica con demasiada facilidad. No obstante, tienen cierto apego dentro del mundillo Shoegaze que fue lo que nos llevó a etiquetarles -erróneamente- como tales. Para oídos acostumbrados a la música, por ejemplo, de unos Glasvegas con el pedal de overdrive pisado al máximo, son una banda recomendable. Han editado este primer larga duración en su plataforma Bandcamp, de manera gratuita y legal. No obstante, si tu música te cautiva tanto, puedes encargar una copia física del disco a su propia compañía, Kill Red Rocket Records, acompañada del artwork.

Bloody Knives – Burn it all down (2010)

“First up was Austin, TX rockers Bloody Knives, who were making their first appearance in New York.  Cleverly melding influences as diverse as metal, shoegaze and post-punk, the duo eschews guitars, and instead uses keyboards and samplers to create a lush and at times psychedelic sound. Lead singer Preston Maddox’s ethereal tenor vocals seem to float over his intense, distorted bass lines and the heavy, driving beats of drummer Jake McCown. Though the two have been playing together for years in other bands (most recently the Joy Bus), Bloody Knives has only been a band since late 2009.  The newness was not evident, though, as their set was pretty tight.  The only glitch was one between-song pause when Maddox’s laptop was slow to respond, leading someone in the audience to joke that he was checking his email, to which he responded, “I guess I should have bought a Mac.” Songs in the set included “I Saw The Ghost That Follows You” and “You Know You Will,” from the recently released debut album, Burn It All Down (Killredrocketrecords, the band’s own label), “Buried,” from their first, self-titled EP, and “Laserz” (

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