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Kristin Hersh: Coals (Single, 2010)


Kristin Hersh está de vuelta. Y lo hace a lo grande, con un nuevo disco, Crooked, un álbum que verá la luz de manera tradicional, de manera digital junto con llaves para acceder no sólo al contenido musical, sino también a vídeos, comentarios de audio, chats, enlaces, etc.) y acompañado con un libro. La canción que ha escogido la ex-Throwing Muses es este Coals, un gran tema, de ritmo machacón a lo Neil Young acompañando a las guitarras siempre afiladas de la Hersh que se entremezclan con guitarras acústicas que le dan el complemento más dulcificador. La voz de Kristin tiene algo de ese carbón al que hace referencia el título del tema, en el sentido de desgarrada.

Kristin Hersh – Coals (Single, 2010)

“Kristin Hersh has an interesting mix of projects going on. First, her upcoming studio album Crooked will see release both digitally and as a hardcover book. The book will contain artwork, lyrics, and essays, along with download keys to get the album and exclusive content (videos, audio commentary, web chats, etc) online. It’s a creative model she’s been working with for a while — Hersh is the co-founder of CASH Music, a nonprofit that finds alternative ways to release music. (I first learned about them when they ran the Deerhoof “Fresh Born” covers project.) CASH Music was essential to Crooked as well. According to her bio, Crooked started as a series of demos that she put up on her CASH Music site and allowed listeners to comment on, remix, cover, etc. She kept their comments and feedback in mind while refining her songs. “Coals” is one of the resulting tracks. The riff does much of the work here, grinding the song forward (a distorted bass organ provides additional grind). The engine here is cool, impassive, stoic, and so Hersh matches it with her voice, which has a little bit of coal dust on it too. There are some Throwing Muses demos on her website too, so it looks like she’ll be doing something similar for the Muses album, due next year. Her other band, 50 Ft Wave, also just completed an EP. She’s also got her memoirs (titled Paradoxical Undressing) come out this summer and four (!) home-schooled sons. Her memoir should come with a wanted ad for a personal assistant” (

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8 julio, 2010 - Posted by | Kristin Hersh

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