Astor Bell: Anniversary 1 (2010)


El primer aniversario del sello Astor Bell, dedicado a la música de baile y de club, se celebra por todo lo alto, es decir, con un recopilatorio de los principales artistas del sello aportando un tema que a su vez es remezclado por otro Dj o artista. Todo un logro para un sello que ofrece todos sus discos en descarga directa y que tiene ya doce referencias en su catálogo. Enhorabuena desde The JangleBox!!

Astor Bell – Anniversary 1 (2010)

“In February 2009 we pushed the big green GO button and publicly launched Astor Bell. During the first year we released 12 titles, all very near and dear to our hearts.
We wanted to mark our first anniversary with something really special and memorable. After kicking around a pile of ideas on what that might be we decided on loosening our grip and opening the gates into the Astor Bell brain.
The sum of our contributing artist’s work is greater than the label name we put on it. And it is surely greater than two 30-somethings sitting behind computers making the files available to you. The broken beats, the down-sampled waves, the backwards bass and the organic subway samples accumulate like a snowball rolling down a ski slope into complete pieces of audio that dig themselves into the deeper parts of our being.
Our artists backtracked into their harddrives and extracted these singular moments and scattered them over the floor.
We asked you to put the pieces back together, and you did.
We received submissions reaching to all corners of the globe. We hand picked the absolute best. Please know that it was NOT an easy task. We thank you for all of your submissions.
Anniversary 1 : Astor Bell Remixes. Mission completed”

1. Giuseppe – Back in Dark (B.A.X. Remix)
2. Socket Science – Sidewinding (Giuseppe rmx)
3. Bubble Shield – Speculation (Fenderchet Remix)
4. Wunderblock – Act1 (Examine Remix)
5. Fabrizio Cacciamali – Kobalt Trees (Beyondbeyond Retouch)
6. Fenderchet – Feelings and Thoughts (Lost in Thought Mix by Karma Influx)
7. Bubble Shield – Speculation (Bright Lights Remix feat. Mike Downey)
8. Donny Karson – Def Leppard (Socket Science Remix)
9. Guiseppe – Back in Dark (Damolh33 Remix)
10. Bubble Shield – Speculation (Alfadeo Remix)
11. Dan Brasco – For the Rich (Bubble Shield Remix)



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