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Thieves Like Us: Shyness (Single, 2010)

La banda multirracial aunque afincada de manera más o menos estable en Francia, Thieves Like Us, acaba de editar su último disco: Again and Again (2010). Lo suyo es el el Electro-Indie, y aunque no es material demasiado asiduo por The JangleBox, dejamos constancia de su trabajo con este single, del que la banda regala su edición en Mp3.

Thieves Like Us – Shyness (Single, 2010)

“Thieves Like Us are two Swedes and one American living in Berlin, Paris, and Milan. They are one of the only multi-nationals that won’t exploit you. Mexicans love them. The French love them. Americans love them. The Japanese love them. Neither Andy Grier (vocals, guitar), Björn Berglund (synth), nor Pontus Berghe (percussion) live in their home countries, and none of them probably ever will again.
They first met at a picnic in East Berlin in 2002. Since then, they have also lived together in London, Paris, and New York City. The trio can often been seen in and around night clubs, but they fit awkwardly there. Thieves Like Us were first discovered by the French imprint Kitsuné who released their single, “Drugs In My Body” in 2007. They make pop music with a vintage electronic feel. Many times it makes you dance. Other times it makes you feel strange and wonderful. Back in the day they probably would have signed a contract in blood with Factory Records. 2008’s “Play Music”, their first album, would definitely have fit the bill. BBC Music called it “consistently exciting … a contender for electronic album of the year.” A writer for the legendary entity Amoeba Music exclaimed: “I have managed to fall deeply in love with this band in a matter of weeks. It is getting to the point where I don’t want to listen to anything else.” They are just about to release their second album, “Again and Again”, and continue their non-stop world tour”

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The Coral: Butterfly house (Single, 2010)

Los británicos The Coral se han descolgado con el que, en mi opinión, es el mejor tema Pop de lo que llevamos de año y de mucho tiempo antes: Butterfly house, tremendo tema de Pop-Barroco o Ragga-Rock que nos recuerda lo mejorcito de gentes como The Byrds (su etapa intermedia), Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young o The Left Banke. Imprescindible. Como el disco que anuncia sea la mitad de bueno que este tema, será de lo mejor del año. Sin dudarlo: súper recomendable, y además The Coral ha decidido regalarlo. Sólo pincha aquí o busca en su página oficial.

The Coral – Butterfly house (Single, 2010)

“A beautiful, Byrds-ish freebie from the The Coral‘s first album in over three years–also called Butterfly House–which will sound afrigginmazing because it was produced by John Leckie, whose discography includes albums by The Stone Roses, Radiohead, and My Morning Jacket, among many awesome others. If you can’t roll onto the grass and stare at the sky right now, this song would be a worthy substitute. Butterfly House is out on July 12″ (

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