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Amusement Parks on Fire: Young Fight (Ep, 2009), Pavillion of the Dead

Dotados de las mejores armas de las que una banda shoegazer puede hacerse, Amusement Parks on Fire ha editado este otoño un Ep preludio de su tercer larga duración, que se supone que se editará en Febrero de 2010. El Ep se llama Young fight (Pavillion of the Dead, 2009), y se compone de tres nuevas versiones de temas de Ep´s anteriores, y dos canciones nuevas. Intensidad, rabia no contenida y centenares de kilovatios altamente distorsionados hacen de este Ep un plato más que apetecible para cualquier buen degustador de sonidos shoegazers. Ésto es especialmente palpable en los dos primeros temas: In your eyes, Motown ritual, grandes composiciones que no tienen nada que envidiar a lo mejor del género representado en la época más florida de Ride (Motown ritual tiene un final que es una auténtica sinfonía al Noise más controlado); y en la parte intermedia del último, Of the collapsing light/Alafoss exit, largo tema en la que se mezclan las dos tendencias del disco: la más Shoegaze/Noise y la más Shoegaze/Ambient, que es por donde se mueven los sonidos de los dos temas restantes del disco: The day is snowed y Young fight. La banda de Michael Feerick, aunque no inventa nada nuevo sí que reinterpreta a su manera las reglas de un género musical al que contribuye a expandir. Disco altamente recomendado para los amantes del género, que en este año 2009 hemos estado de enhorabuena al ser muchos y muy variados los exponentes con los que nos hemos ido encontrando a lo largo del curso musical.
“As a disciple of the teaching that all things connected with Kevin Shields were gold-plated, rose-crested spots of honey-dripped sounds that descended straight outta heaven rather than NG3, Mike Feerick set himself a seemingly unachievable mission.
From the confines of his bedroom, his ambition was to create a piece of timeless, genre redefining multi-layered genius that would be talked about for years to come. What he actually achieved was not the inaugural idea of a lone piece, but instead nine adventures in sound that merely wipes the floor with every seismic pretender who’s ever tried to work out the lyrics to ‘Soon’ and recreate every chord sequence found on ‘Isn’t Anything’.
And let us not forget the fact that Mike Feerick, aka Amusement Parks On Fire, was just 16 years old when he started writing, playing every instrument on and recording this album, a feat that surely falls somewhere in between the guises of astonishing’_ and ‘remarkable’_. Now three years down the line, his masterpiece is complete, oh yes. As with the live shows, Feerick has called upon various associates from within the Nottingham music scene to fill in the cracks so to speak, but largely this record is down to him, and him alone.
For anyone who’s seen APOF live, this record mainly consists of the key elements of those sporadic, indefinably LOUD performances, interspersed with a couple of almost classical interludes that reinforce the genius-in-a-bottle waiting to be unleashed (…)
No doubt there will be the odd cynic who will claim to have heard this type of record done before, and to a degree they may have a point, but I doubt anyone’s ears can claim to have received such a melange that is equal measures sonic battery and aural beauty as ‘Amusement Parks On Fire’ in recent times. Quite simply, this is a stunning debut record, a triumphant fanfare that heralds the arrival of yet another precocious young talent onto the UK’s ever-burgeoning music scene”

3 noviembre, 2009 - Posted by | Amusement Parks on Fire

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