Times New Viking: Born again revisited (2009), Matador

Cuando se hace del Lo-Fi un credo y del amateurismo una manera especial de hacer las cosas, nos encontramos con bandas como Times New Viking, proyecto del que fuera componente de Pavement, Mark Ibold, tambien enrolado en Free Kitten. Su sonido es absolutamente primitivo: imagínate a tres chicos que se reúnen a componer en el garaje de uno de ellos y graban sus temas en un cassette o un Mp3 tocando en vivo. Pues ése es el sonido de Times New Viking, como dije antes, el Lo-Fi llevado a extremos brutales y las guitarras echando humo. Pero lo bueno es que hay temas que no desmerecen en absoluto: Move to California; Hustler, Psycho, Son; These days; 2/11 Don´t forget; Born again revisited; No time, no hope; Martin Luther King day; Half day in hell… Sus temas son en su mayoría breves apuntes de canciones que duran apenas minuto y medio o dos minutos; algo así como lo que facturaban Guided by Voices o los primigenios Pavement (escuchando este disco uno tiene la sensación de estar delante del Westing (by musket and sextant) de los extintos chicos del Pavimento, tanto por su sonido básico de guitarras distorsionadas al límite como por su grafismo). Pop distorsionado, acordes disonantes, arreglos inverosímiles de teclas, desafines… Disco algo duro de afrontar pero en el que podrás encontrar pequeñas joyas escondidas detrás de una maraña de distorsión y Noise.
“A pox on those who claim the venerable VHS format is dead ; in fact, Times New Viking delivered the master recordings to their forthcoming LP/CD/digital album ‘Born Again Revisited’ (OLE 860) on a Video Home System cassette. Addressing the mountain of constructive criticism they’ve received from self-styled musicologists wanna-be producers and persons with my initials, the Columbus based trio promise their 2nd Matador album (and 4th overall) features “25% higher fidelity”, a percentage our own engineering staff has confirmed after hourse of exhaustive laboratory tests.
Much has been made in the press of late of Cheap Trick’s attempts to steal Adam, Beth and Jared’s thunder by releasing their upteenth comeback album on 8-track, but with all due respect to the state fair fixtures Rockford’s finest, it’s been a generation since they’ve come up with anything as provocative as ‘Born Again Revisited’’s “Move To California” or “No Time No Hope” (mp3). While Times New Viking continue to make-it-look-easy, I can assure you it’s anything but that. A cursory glance at the American rock underground reveals a landscape littered with well-intentioned but vastly inferior bands who’ve caught the lo-fi bug ; Times New Viking are well advised to disavow responsibility for the epidemic, but whoever the guilty party is, the ferocity of TNV’s shows and their sheer quality of their songwriting should be enough to win them a presidential pardon, not unlike the one ‘Born Again’ author Chuck Colson never quite received” (
Nota de prensa de Matador Records)
“Breath in: snuff a line speed, a half hour jump on your cheap amplifiers, salad yet once a half hour with you yet cheaper guitar against the wall. Write eleven popliedjes, lay the emphasis on cryptic and forget everything your song teacher you ever learned has. Seek your neighbor girl on and tell her that your musics will make. Lay her emphatically from that she must not try to sing. Stick, now that you it really are, also just your tongue between her lips till you certainly are that they that rather has not. Give her then you eleven popliedjes and (optioneel) a guitar. Question her these eleven popliedjes with you together to not to sing, expect of it surplus. Mess what with the buttons on the amplifier, let the hamster of your neighbor girl also once over the strings run, sign the head of the father of your neighbor girl on the skins of a Bears Smit drumstel, call her feather ten-year-old little brother and lay from that its father him really real hatred. Breath out: and voila, Yourself Summoned. Sounds good? Sounds in it really yet better. Blessed with a delicious dose ADHD-spontaneity and a fine nose for popmelodieën know Tim New Viking on Summoned Yourself a particular charming pot borrow-fi garagepop down to dump. A kind of contemporary version of The Shaggs, but then without the implicit family tie. More a neighbor boy-neighbor girl tie thus” (MySpace)

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