Monterey International Pop Festival, Part-2/9

Este fin de semana vamos a dedicarle en el Retro-Visor la segunda parte de las nueve que se compone este mega-post dedicado al Monterey International Pop Festival, que iniciamos la semana pasada. Una de las características principales es que fue un escenario multicultural donde se mezclaron etnias y razas diversas, así como géneros musicales de lo más variado, desde el Pop al Folk, el Rythmn and Blues , el Rock and Roll, el Soul o el Jazz.
Almost every aspect of The Monterey International Pop Festival was a first: although the audience was predominantly white, Monterey’s bill was truly multi-cultural and crossed all musical boundaries, mixing folk, blues, jazz, soul, R&B, rock, psychedelia, pop and classical genres, boasting a line-up that put established stars like The Mamas and the Papas, Simon & Garfunkel and The Byrds alongside groundbreaking new acts from the UK, the USA, South Africa and India.
…Monterey Pop was a seminal event: it was the first real rock festival ever held, featuring debut performances of bands that would shape the history of rock and affect popular culture from that day forward. The County Fairgrounds in Monterey, California… had been home to folk, jazz and blues festivals for many years. But the weekend of June 16 – 18, 1967 was the first time it was used to showcase rock music”
Igualmente sirvió como rampa de lanzamiento para numerosos músicos o bandas que no eran del todo conocidas en los Estados Unidos, incluido Jimi Hendrix, quien recordemos que inició su corta pero intensa carrera musical en el Reino Unido, donde a mediados de los sesenta se produjo un verdadero resurgir del Rythmn and Blues.
The festival launched the careers of many who played there, making some of them into stars virtually overnight. The Who and Jimi Hendrix had each already been sensations in the UK and Europe but were practically unknown in the USA. Other artists who rose to popularity following their appearances at Monterey included Janis Joplin, Laura Nyro, Canned Heat, Otis Redding, Steve Miller and Indian sitar maestro Ravi Shankar.”
En este segundo disco podrás disfrutar de las actuaciones de Canned Heat, banda pionera en mezclar Country y Blues Rural; Janis Joplin, formando aún parte de la Big Brother and the Holding Company; Country Joe and The Fish y Al Kooper.
“Monterey Pop was also one of the earliest major public performances for Janis Joplin, who appeared as a member of Big Brother and The Holding Company. Joplin was seen swigging from a bottle of Southern Comfort as she gave a provocative rendition of the song “Ball ‘n’ Chain”. Columbia Records signed Big Brother and The Holding Company on the basis of their performance at Monterey.[5] “I became a supporter of feminism watching Janis Joplin at the Monterey Festival”, says John McCleary, author of The Hippie Dictionary. “A lot of people had similar experiences watching female role models with that kind of power, unafraid to express themselves sexually while demanding their rights” (

Disc 2 (Saturday Afternoon 17.06.1967)

1. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
2. Dust My Broom
3. Bullfrog Blues

4. Down On Me
5. Combination Of The Two
6. Harry
7. Road Block
8. Ball And Chain

9. Not-So-Sweet Martha Lorraine
10. Fixin’ To Die Rag
11. Please Don’t Drop That H-Bomb
12. Section 43

13. (I Heard Her Say) Wake Me, Shake Me


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