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Yo la Tengo: Nothing to Hide (from Popular Songs, 2009), Matador

Primer vídeo-single del gran álbum -decimocuarto- de Yo la Tengo, Popular Songs (2009). Para más información sobre el álbum, visita The JangleBox.

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Thee Oh Sees: In the shadow of the giant (7"-2009), SubPop / Help (2009), In the Red

Thee Oh Sees son una banda del área de San Francisco que este año han publicado -que yo sepa- un par de discos. Éste es uno de ellos, In the shadow of the giant, un single de tres canciones editado por SubPop en el que la banda del inquieto John Dwyer se mueve a sus anchas por las aguas del Pop-Folk-Psicodélico más o menos friki y pseudo experimental. Tres temas que son algo así como si The Mamas and The Papas o The Beach Boys se corrieran una juerga utilizando instrumentos acústicos y subidos de sustancias lisérgicas y la grabaran en plan Lo-Fi. No está mal si tenemos en cuenta estos precedentes y no los juzgamos por sus valores musicales. Diversión y experimentación Lo-Fi a partes iguales para un grupo que igual te graba estos temas más acústicos que te realizan un viaje Retro hacia sonidos más garajeros y cercanos a las sonoridades de Link Wray. Te acompaño igualmente el link de su álbum Help, también de 2009:

“Tight” isn’t a word that fits comfortably when describing Thee Oh Sees, but on Help, the second full-length effort from John Dwyer‘s garage psych marauders, the band has certainly learned to find order amidst chaos in a manner that eluded them on their 2008 debut The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In. The basic approach on Help isn’t particularly different than on Thee Oh Sees’ first effort — the guitars are thick, ringing, and dripping with reverb and distortion, the rhythm section pounds away in a simple but relentless fashion, the massed vocals approximate vintage California-style harmonies in the midst of a trip on dirty acid, and the songs take traditional garage rock changes and bend them a wee bit as the production runs them through just enough low-budget studio trickery until they resemble a paisley nightmare oozing out of your speakers. Still, while most of the tunes on Help sound as purposefully messed up as ever, they’re just a bit tidier and more straightforward here, and the stronger framework makes a positive difference. Similarly, the performances sound more unified and less chaotic here, as if everyone is following the same vision that lurks over the horizon for a change, and the ferocity of Dwyer‘s guitar is potent, locking into the crash-boom-bang of the bass and drums with impressive force. And while full-on assaults on reality like “Enemy Destruct” and “Soda St. #1” are the order of the day on Help, there’s enough of a pop lilt in “Go Meet the Seed” and “Can You See?” to confirm these folks saw some real nice colors while making this album and have a variety of tricks in their repertoire to express them. You might not trust Thee Oh Sees to give you a ride home after a gig, but if you’re looking for a seriously buzzy rave-up, Help certainly delivers the goods” (

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Thee Oh Sees – Tidal Wave

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Dead Mellotron: 1993 (2009), SVC Records

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